Tuhey Pool: More Than Just a Place to Swim


Tuhey Pool in Muncie, Indiana

Welcome to Tuhey Pool

Thank you for visiting Tuhey Pool's website. Tuhey Pool is a 50m outdoor pool, slide, kiddie pool, splash pad, facility located on 8.5 acres of natural park. We are surrounded by 65 miles of paved biking and walking paths.

Our hours are 12:00am to 7:00pm, Monday thru Sunday.

For those wanting to be in the know, we'll open at Noon if it's 70 degrees at 10:00am. We'll check again at 2:00pm for a Twilight opening at 4:00pm. Half price admission begins at 4:00pm.

We are always looking for quality lifeguards. Our starting wage is $10.10 an hour. Job applications can be found HERE.

Tuhey Discount Cards

Are you are a frequent visitor at Tuhey Pool and want to save money? We now offer Tuhey Discount Cards entitling you to 10 visits with a savings up to $25.00 for Adults. Visit our Tuhey Discount Card page for more information about DISCOUNTED ADMISSION PRICES.

Tuhey Fit Card

Is this the summer you're getting in shape? Then, check out our Tuhey Fit page with a listing of all the programs offered this summer. Can't decide on which programs you'd like to join? Buy a Tuhey Fit Card for $99.00 and do them ALL.

Social Media

Also, if you haven't visited our Facebook and Twitter fan pages to get live updates from the pool this summer, i.e. opening and closing times, weather announcements, Tuhey Fit programs, Tuhey Grill specials, and other special events, please do so now. We've got lots of new programs and menu offerings, so you won't want to miss anything:

Tuhey Pool Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tuheypool

Tuhey Pool Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/TuheyPoolNews

Drool in the Pool Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/droolinthepool.muncie.indiana